As a your full time Councillor I will continue to devote myself to do what is best for the future path of our great City. I've gained a reputation of attending to the calls and requests from constituents mostly on the same day basis. As in the past, in all instances, I will attempt to bring a resolution to matters and concerns presented to me. 


During the next four years enormous improvements will take place.  The first project which has already been started, with a $2.1 million capital fund, involves the Central Box infrastructure initiative. We will first improve the corner of Dominion and Northwood to be soon followed by the badly needed reconstruction of Dominion Blvd to Totten. This heavily used arterial road will be a priority for the year 2019. Further improvements are also slated to take place for the adjacent streets of Longfellow and Alexandra. Lililian street, in the often ignored Remington Park area,  is being worked already and should be completed next year to South Pacific.Many side roads in Remington Park can also see improvement through the resident petition process. The Dougal Pedestrian and Cycling tunnel is long over due and I hope to have it completed before the end of 2019 year. The Budimir Library will finally be expanded and updated to modern standards. Reconstruction and the elimination of ditches on Grand Marais East will require attention at budget time. Lastly, safety around all school areas will need critical review and action. 


I aim to hold the line on taxes, lower the debt and improve operating efficiencies. I will continue to advocate for a Provincial Auditor General similar to the B.C. and Nova Scotia Models at no cost to the Windsor tax payers. The Provincial model in conjunction with our present very effective Independent Auditor, PWC, will save the taxpayers over $285,000 annually.


Consultations with the public should be pro-active, not reactive to issues. I want to hear your concerns and effectively represent you at City Council

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